• 1Direct Selling Portal (DSP)

    Unleash the potential of your direct selling business on a global scale with the Direct Selling Portal by Global Access Direct. Navigate the complexities of international expansion with confidence using our innovative platform. Tailored specifically for direct sellers, this powerhouse solution offers a comprehensive suite of features, including alternative payment support and built-in compliance enforcement. Say goodbye to the hassle of Duties & Taxes while embracing seamless global growth and skyrocketing customer satisfaction. The future of international direct selling awaits – join the revolution with Global Access Direct!

    • Tailored for International Direct Selling: Dominate the global market with a platform designed exclusively for direct sellers expanding internationally.
    • Effortless Configuration: Customize the portal to fit your unique business needs and preferences effortlessly.
    • Alternative Payment Mastery: Embrace international payment preferences by accepting a wide array of alternative payment methods.
    • Compliance Assurance: Stay ahead of the game with automatic compliance enforcement, ensuring every order meets import/export regulations.
    • Customer Delight: Empower your associates with order tracking and account management features, reducing inquiries and boosting satisfaction to new heights.
  • 2Global Shipping Platform (GSP)

    Embark on a journey of global shipping excellence with the Global Shipping Platform by Global Access. With two decades of carrier partnerships under our belt, we boast an extensive reach and multi-tiered service that takes your business further. Dive deeper into key markets like Japan and Australia with proprietary lanes for lightning-fast, cost-effective deliveries. Our dedicated customs agents ensure clearance at warp speed, rivaling express services at a fraction of the cost. Revolutionize your shipping game with GSP today!

    • Worldwide Reach: Unlock limitless possibilities with our expansive network of carriers and shipping lanes, reaching every corner of the globe.
    • Cost-Saving Consolidation: Enjoy significant savings and unparalleled flexibility with our consolidated lanes, tailored to your shipping needs.
    • Alternative Payment Mastery: Embrace diverse customer preferences by accepting a wide array of alternative payment methods.
    • Track Like a Pro: Gain unparalleled visibility into order status with enhanced tracking capabilities, all tracked by customer order number for seamless monitoring.
  • 3Global Hub Platform (GHP)

    Transform your warehouse into a powerhouse of efficiency and scalability with the Global Hub Platform by Global Access. This game-changing solution empowers you with the tools you need to optimize warehouse operations seamlessly. From accurate inventory management to data-driven forecasting, GHP puts the power of streamlined warehouse management at your fingertips. Say goodbye to high costs and due diligence of endless international 3PL partners and hello to seamless and easy fulfillment management with GHP – the keys to warehouse excellence!

    • Precision Inventory Control: Take command of your stock with real-time inventory counts, ensuring accuracy and efficiency at every turn.
    • Future-Proof Forecasting: Make strategic decisions with confidence using our intelligent forecasting tools, powered by data-driven insights.
    • Zero Backorders: Keep customers happy and orders flowing smoothly by proactively managing stock levels to eliminate backorders.
    • Simplified Reconciliation: Say goodbye to headaches with streamlined reconciliation processes, thanks to comprehensive reporting features.