With the expertise built from years of experience across many countries and products, we will help determine what your most effective shipping methods are by country, provide guidance on fulfillment options and other parts of your international operations strategy.

We help determine if your product can be imported into a market, and what permits, certificates or licenses may be required.

Our experienced Dangerous Goods (DG) certified staff can offer guidance on the rules and regulations for transporting hazardous or regulated commodities. This includes goods such as CBD, health and beauty products, personal care items, batteries, and more.

We help determine what the tax registration obligations are for your target markets around the world.

We help you organize and plan for tax optimizing strategies, and offer guidance on personal import rules, de minimis limits, and more.

We can assist in registering your regulated products, such as CBD and nutritional supplements, for import, with local and foreign government agencies to ensure compliance.